Voices Matter

Children In Care Matter, Care Leavers Matter, Together We Are Voices Matter.

Image of Voices Matter Choir
Voices Matter came together through the charity Rees Foundation

Band makes its Voice Matter for charity

On Tuesday 10th May, The Argus a local newspaper in Brighton and Hove published a story about our recent Voices Matter Performance, at the Big Sing Off 2016, in Birmingham.

The Article by Jasmine Scott highlights The Big Sing Off as a charity event which brings together looked after children, foster parents, carers and care leavers for a day of musical performances.

“I want to inspire people to take risks and come out of their comfort zone and give them a support network so that they’re not waiting, like me, until they are 32.”

Read more about the article here.

Have You Recently Left Care?

If so we are Looking for Artists, Musicians,  Photographers, Creative Directors, Choir Arrangers, Care Leavers, Foster Parents, Dancers and Studio Space.

Interested? Contact me today

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