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Damp, Dark & Depressing: Caroline Lucas on Windsor Court Brighton

Today I came across an article related to a visit from the Co Leader of the Green Party Caroline Lucas last year, she said

Each of the rooms I’ve seen has been damp, dark, and depressing. The inner courtyard reminds me of a prison with the metal staircases and floors that run off it.

Prison indeed, I remember when I went to Windsor Court to leaflet for ETHRAG, I literally thought of the ITV Prison Drama, Bad Girls.

The Lift was broken and residents informed me that there was a guy in a wheelchair who was stranded and housebound for three weeks.

So why do Brighton and Hove City Council keep trying to place the most vulnerable people in Windsor Court?

Why indeed? – I personally believe that the officers have some connection with the owners, these are the same owners that recently evicted two single mothers.

Bobby Carver, A Paraplegic stranded in a Temporary Accommodation attic flat told me today that Jerry Aldous a Housing Options Manager is trying to house him in Emergency Accommodation, but guess where….. Windsor Court!

He is utterly livid and said “I am in no way moving in there couldn’t even get in the bloody building anyway they can f**k of if they think there moving me into that mould filled drug den”

Bobby went on to say he would “only end up a prisoner in there as well”.

Exciting News

Caroline Lucas and Peter Kyle both MP’s In Brighton and Hove have agreed to meet with ETHRAG residents in a ground breaking move set up and organised by myself to see if we can tackle the issues surrounding Temporary Accommodation.

Do you live in Emergency or Temporary Accommodation?

If you live in Brighton and Hove, you can join ETHRAG! We are a residents association run by people who are insecurely housed.

Check out our Facebook Page for more information.



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Why Voting For Jeremy Corbyn Will Change My Life.

I first became aware of Jeremy Corbyn last summer, I was at the height of my drug addiction, I was working and was in the middle of a nervous breakdown. I remember I was staying with some friends who were good enough to put me up during such a traumatic, painful and lonely time.

I Saw This Speech

My addiction was not a choice, I was raised in Whitehawk, one of the most deprived areas of the country, yet a place which I remember fondly because I felt safe because we had a community, the only ones who failed us the community was poor governement.

I was raised in a council house, my mother raised us and my dad worked when he could, we couldn’t afford the private rents they have today, yes I had a breakdown, but I was in many ways lucky to have had much of the upbringing I had.

When I got clean, which was in some part because Jeremy’s Message echoed my thought, I was fed up with seeing people dying of war, I was tired of always being skint, I was tired of my life, so I joined the Labour Party.

How Have I Found It?

After I became homeless and finally diagnosed with Bipolar and PTSD, I started attending meetings, I found them to be quite interesting, I’ve never spoken before in front of people, but felt a huge urge to get up and educate people on what it is really like to become homeless, living in substandard accommodation and fighting daily to get will again and stay off drugs.


Some of the social media groups locally can be hostile, but i’ve found members in person to be nice, i’ve many some amazing new friends and no longer hang in the same circles as before.

After launching my own campaign to highlight the real Homeless Hotels From Hell, I decided to set up a residents association for those living in Emergency and Temporary Accommodation, which is a first I am told and even succeeded in putting Emergency Accommodation back on the political agenda with some potential great changes, proposed by myself and signed by over 1600 people in a petition.

I have helped in my ward and volunteered to help get  a friend elected as councillor.

I’ve met and in fact spoken at an event with Jeremy and John in the audience, I felt like for the first time ever I was being listened to.

I Got Elected On To The Executive Committee

I have always spoken from the heart and have found that when I do speak people seem to react really positively, for someone like me who has often doubted themselves from things of the past, I was energised to stand as a lay member on the infamous EC.

I got elected and the rest is well, complicated…..

Nonetheless I’ve since on a few occasions met Jeremy at events and canvassing, you really can get the measure of someone by meeting their families, I found Jeremy’s wife to be adorable and caring, you can see the love and fear and his son’s, they we’re also pleasant.

Kind of like the family I never had, but I have realised that, now I am apart of a new family, one, I feel accepted, empowered and reformed, my vote and your votes are for people like me, people who are needing a little investment to transform ourselves and in return we help others.

And The Future….?

It starts on the 24th September, in Liverpool the home of the exonerated, a city of dreams.

If you are still undecided don’t let the mainstream media cloud your judgement, I am not letting it cloud mine, and it will be Jeremy Corbyn I put my cross next too.

He is promising 500,000 Council homes, something I desperately need, the mental health polices and nationalisation, means my life and our lives will improve.

The futures bright.


What Is Your Emergency Accommodation Hell

ETHRAG – The Emergency and Temporary Housing Residents Action Group based in Brighton and Hove, have been in contact with a filmmaker who is doing a documentary on the dismantling of social housing  and effects on peoples lives.

If you live in Emergency Accommodation in Brighton and Hove then this affects you, I really want to highlight what is it like living in Emergency Accommodation, in Brighton and Hove in the last 2 years £4om has been spent paying private limited companies and individuals  to house the vulnerable.

I am look for people who want to speak out, either on firm by getting involved in future ETHRAG projects or anonymously. You are welcome to submit your story by emailing with your story alternatively we can meet for an informal chat.

This is about humanising the effects that not having secure council housing and how this is affecting our lives.

Are You A Care Leaver?

I am concerned that there are young care leavers under the age of 21 in Emergency Accommodation or even homeless and sofa surfing, as a care leaver myself I want to highlight your issues to help get you into the right accommodation.

Mentally Or Physically Disabled

The standards in Emergency Accommodation can at times be shocking, how does this affect you if you have a Mental, Physical or even Learning Disability? visitors are often not allowed, lifts break down, there are lack of lifts and many stairs, how does the isolation affect you? I am really concerned that the affects of living in Emergency Accommodation is actually making peoples health worse in some instances.

Are You Living With A Terminal Illness?

I have heard reports that there are people living with a terminal illness living in Emergency Accommodation, I think is this unacceptable and strips the vulnerable of dignity. Is this something you can associate with? Contact me with your story.

Have You Simply Had Enough?

Fire alarms, leaks, smells, lack of cooking facilities, neglect, depressed, tired, hungry, in recovery whatever the reason, I understand. Why not put into words why you have had enough, the council aren’t listening and I think its time we all start to take a little more ownership and share our stories. You can read on this blog that I’ve reported much, nut now I need you.

We are hoping to start a new project based on these stories which will give you even more opportunities to get involved and contribute, there is much that needs to be done, but I promise you that things are starting to become public and this is putting much pressure on polititions, landlords, businesses, Dr’s and many other key people involved in changing things for the better.

Again you can email me with your stories or if you want to meet up informally. You can also add me on social media. Facebook, Twitter

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Jeremy’s Coming To Brighton and Hove…..Again!

Never a stranger to Brighton and Hove, it seems like Jeremy Corbyn is always in town with the Brighton Centre holding so many events, I last saw Jeremy at the Remain Campaign here, where he spoke at a conference. We have him a nice welcome then!

Jeremy Corbyn Brighton and Hove Image
Jeremy Corbyn in Brighton and Hove a few months ago for a PCS Conference.

The Jeremy For Labour rally has a special significance with Brighton and Hove DLP currently being suspended after Pro-Corbyn candidates won in the recent EC elections.

We are not allowed a vote like other CLP’s on who we support locally for leader of Labour, which is a shame, but we can show the momentous support Jeremy has in the city by coming out in force for the rally Next Tuesday 2nd August at 7pm.

Jeremy’s team have booked a room big enough for 1000 people at the Hilton Metropole, located on the seafront in Brighton.

For details on the Event and to confirm you are going, please see the Facebook event.

Confirmed Speakers:

Jeremy Corbyn MP

Theresa Woods (ASLEF)

Cllr Kevin Allen – Labour Councillor Preston Park

Sam Tarry (TSSA)

Poppy Burt – LGBT, Student, Single Mother.

Libby Barnes – Momentum Organiser

What to Bring

Bring Pro Corbyn Banners, there will be T-Shirts on stalls as you enter which you can purchase.

Follow me on Facebook.

Why We Should Be Holding Our Parents And Grandparents To Account?


Grandparents todays pensioners we one apart of a social revolution, after ww2 the United Kingdom was open for business, immigration was key to help rebuild our country after the devastating affect of ww2.

People came from all across the Commonwealth to join our society, we built housing, created and expanded the NHS, we started to enact human rights policies and relinquished old anti civil rights laws. Together we worked toward building a greater nation, socialism.

Then came capitalism and the housing market, when the ‘right to buy’ was introduced and local authorities dramatically reduced the number of new council house builds we gave our pensioners the opportunity to own their own home. In principle this is a good idea, however we failed to rebuild like for like and the introduction of Right To Buy also gained the interest of property developers and landlords wanting to buy ex council house stock to refurbish and make a few quid out of it.

Our grandparents were provided secure housing and today they stand by and allow a Tory Government and New Labour off the hook, we introduced and focused on becoming greedy, we didn’t live within our means which has meant your grandchildren are now suffering.

We can afford to go to University, something that was free for you, we cant pay our rents or afford to get on the housing ladder, we are in massive amounts of debt. Why should we suffer for your greediness, its time our grandparents worked with todays youth to put right the wrongs of the past.


Our Parents were the ones who taught us right from wrong, our parents were bought up in a different society, one where greed and war were all too familiar, they had some great times, but also suffered financial crisis and debt. Many parents are angry, they’re angry because they have seen their lives frozen for over 10 years, wages haven’t really increased and the cost of living has risen dramatically.

Parents have seen the becoming more and more filled with the homeless, they have been to food banks when their credit cards are maxed or they and simply choosing between having a roof over there heads or not eating for a few days.

Our parents have seen their parents grow older, many are property owners and have more than the average salary saved, some have seen their older relatives grow apart, loneliness in older people is rising.

I think we have a split with our parents, those who have benefited from life and those who have not, the latter will probably be more included to vote leave in the eu referendum, many have switched off from the spin politics of the last 30 years.

Our patents need to be reawakened, we need them to fight for their grandchildren, they need to strike and protest for our future and a protest to save a generation.

In Conclusion

We are the future and we deserve to be able to live or lives in a secure and fair society which provides opportunities for all people in society, we should be looking after each other and building new friendship networks, not building walls and walking past people who has suffered from your gains, to walk away now is to give in.

Get more active in politics and volunteer for local charity projects, people who are suffering hardship are still human and with just a little bit of investment, we can start to build a preventative society, rather than a neglected one.

Find out more about Daniel Harris

Inspirational Messages Of Support For Local LGBT Campainer

Having recently faced some massive challenges I can confirm that I have now successfully managed to renegotiate my eviction, having gone in desperation to Brighton and Hove City Council a few days ago with various advocates and a social worker challenging the decision the council offered me a place in Newhaven.

In January when the council provided me with a duty of care and in priority need it was decided that I should be placed in Brighton and Hove, due to my mental health and support needs, since then I have officially been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and complex PTSD, However the council had decided that this means I can live outside Brighton and Hove.

On the table was one offer and I had to accept this or reject, they warned me if I rejected I would lose my duty of care and priority need and be seen as intentionally homeless, I think its disgusting someone with my mental health needs was provided with this option and feel that I was being victimised, my advocates were shocked at this treatment.

I decided to create a third option, I contacted percival terrace management and asked for them to reverse their decision to evict me, the manager said I could stay that night and the next day have a 121 meeting with the director, so I accepted this and happily walked away from the council who not only benefited from me being out of Brighton and Hove and off their doorstep, but that I would have had to have gone through another Suitability Review process in Newhaven lasting 24 weeks.

My current review period end next week, so I made a decision based on my needs, whilst all emergency accommodation is unsuitable for me, 1 week is better than 24 and I get to stay in Brighton and Hove.

What Did The Helgor Director Say

Firstly she made it clear that ‘I had made my point’ we had a very friendly and open meeting in which I learned a little about her personally and how she feels about the Emergency Accommodation. Angelique advised that in a previous blog I had written in which showed pictures of dead pigeons and near a water tank in the building and the video showing sewage were an old issue and didn’t represent the current circumstances.

Just the night before we came together to set up the Emergency and Temporary Housing Residents Action Group, which had two staff from Percival Terrace in attendance with councillors, a journalist, lead people in other local campaigns and of course residents, It was a great success and now we have an established residents association.

The director commented that it was a good idea and went on to confirm that as a landlord they cannot support the complicated needs of the residents and thats why ETHRAG would be a good idea to be able to help cater for our own needs. She also agreed to regular meetings in which I can feedback residents concerns and make suggestions for improvement.

Helgor Emergency Housing Properties in Brighton and Hove to be Brought up to Standard With A Large Redevelopment,  Maintenance Repair Schedule Ahead

We can look forward to an overhaul of every Room at Percival Terrace, they are replacing the roofs, the properties are listed which means means they can be harder to keep in good conditions. The Heating and Water Systems will be looked into and the includes replacing the radiators in each room, Mini Ovens will be placed in each room where families  are living, I would personally live to see all rooms with these ovens.

Security will be raised to help lower crimes and keep residents safer, I have asked for rooms to have peep holes on each door, there will also better better trained staff.

We have now opened up to talks and I am feeling positive about the initial improvements, but we must remain focused to continue working for more holistic approaches to recovery, safeguarding guidelines in place for the most vulnerable  and a plan for coop housing offering more that what we currently have in terms of rehabilitations, integration and hope.

I got nominated for a National Diversity Award for LGBT Role Model.

I am feeling to humbled after reading the anonymous votes and endorsements for my nomination, I truly feel blessed, I honestly do what I do for change and I really care about Housing, Mental Health, Care Leavers and Young People and LGBT issues.

These messages really help to keep me staying active and pushing for change, if you haven’t already done so, you can still nominate me up until 20th June 2016 by going to the National Diversity Awards Website.

Here are some of the kind words so far

– “no one deserves this more than Daniel, although he haas his own demons he is just so focused on helping everyone who is vulnerable…..he’s a star!!”

– “I have not met Daniel in person but we have chatted many a time on the care leavers site. He always has a positive word to inspire me an others to keep going an fighting. An that despite our start in life we can move forward. “

– “Very enthusiastic and supportive individual who will do anything to help those in need. He’s proud of who he is an proud of the LGBT community and speaks up for all!!”

– “He’s a good friend of mine and he deserves a lot”

 – “I don’t know Daniel personally but my boyfriend is very fond of him and of what I have heard I can say his story is very inspiring”

– “I know Daniel as a very inspiring person who has been through so much, yet is still going impressively strong “

 – “I have only just recently met Daniel, but his determination to see that life gets better, not just for himself, but for everyone in his situation is outstanding. He puts others before himself, is a great orator and is determined and creative.Whether it is determination to make a council fulfil their obligations to those in need of care, challenging the stigma of Bi-polar disorder or making sure kids have a voice, he brings all situations to the forefront, showing that while he may be suffering himself, he will go all out to make sure others don’t have to.”

– “Inspiring and focused! Driven to help others that are in bad situations! Beating the odds! “

– “I have seen Daniels progress over the last couple of months. He has really grown as a person and it’s amazing the amount of backup he’s getting. He deserves this as I think he’s an amazing role model for young people, after everything he’s been through, he’s still come out on top. “

– “He has shown how to learn from experience and to convert anger and despair into an effective fight for social justice I am a community activist in Brighton involved in campaigning and working with those who require advocacy to achieve their basic rights”

 – “Is such an inspiration “

– “Daniel is a dynamic and relentless campaigner who has highlighted and excellently communicated issues around care leavers, mental health issues and the state of emergency housing for vulnerable people. He has consistently campaigned while facing his own personal difficulties, including homelessness. “

– “Daniel has found strength to use his personal experience to help others, to raise awareness and to help himself. He is self-motivated, focused and positive. Daniel is a real pleasure to be with, he shares his thoughts and feelings in a positive way, is open about his experiences and supportive of others. “

– “Daniel has put a spotlight on how poorly the City of Brighton and Hove extends a duty of care to the most vulnerable in the City who are homeless and in need of help.”

 – “I vote for this man because he has a great idea to help people. I have known some cases in my country of sexual abused but I have no idea how to help them. Also, I support LGBT should be treated right. Not so many people accept this as my friends who are in this group feel bad when they cant get the job as they want, cant have a true love. I vote for him because he is trying ro help people. He has idea to support people while i cant do anything for them so i have no reason not to vote for this tough man! “

– “I grew up in care and I totally support Daniels stance and what he is trying to do . Its not easy to stand up in that situation . you are so made to feel undeserving and its easy to become isolated from society and feel forgotten . Its massively damaging to our struggling communities . Which are almost all we have .”

– “Daniel, who I met a few years ago, is one of those people that you can take to quiet easily as he takes an interest in people from all walks of life. He is currently trying to overcome many obstacles on his personal journey, with his own added demons to contend with, but through all this he finds the courage and strength to fight for other people in similar situations. This man has a vision and passion to fight the injustice he sees in homelessness with the added mental health issues that often go hand in hand, this has sadly also been a part of his own life. The last time I saw him was at a recent family gathering. I made a point of going up to him even though I don’t really know him that well and praising his efforts, encouraging him to carry on his cause. I also follow him on social media. The reason why I am nominating this young man is, I was one of those people who was in a bad situation in poor housing conditions. I remember a time where I felt desperate, lonely, and unable to see any future, also with very little support. My former partner suffered from severe mental health problems. I would like Daniel Harris to be recognised in the tireless and often blinded campaign that he is trying to raise awareness. Thank you for taking the time to read this and good luck Daniel.”

– “Daniel is a much needed person in our society today as an advisor for children in care. He should be listened to and given the highest accolade for sheer determination against all odds, particularly where he is being harassed by the local authority as he exposes the lack if justice, the corruption, the courage of Daniel is so admired by others. He is truly a role model for everyone as a survivor of so many issues, constantly looking to raise the bar. His voice matters. “

– “Daniel seeks to turn his situation into a positive one with constructive solutions. I salute him for his inspirational example. “

– “Amazing man who has been through a lot and has come out fighting and shown others that strength and determination can get you through anything . “

– “Daniel is an inspiration person that shows how struggles (his own many times) can be converted into strength at the same time that makes strangers understand what someone can be suffering when dealing with homelessness, Social Services and other barriers to self-actualisation. “

– “In the face of adversity, Daniel has bravely put his head above the parapet in the call to change.He is lovely and open, thoughtful and caring.His energy is amazing.”

– “Daniel has done remarkable work raising awareness of homelessness and the effects it has on peoples lives, especially the LGBT community”

– “He Truly Deserves The Nomination ,His life is far from being Plain sailing Yet He Still Puts Everyone Before Himself He’s An Earth Angel .”

– “He is passionate, dynamic and committed to making a difference. Open to learning and growing with his experiences. He will help create change and make a difference.”

– “A truly inspirational young man”

– “I have met Daniel on a few occasions and I can truly say what a lovely and genuine person he is. I have read about Daniel’s troubles and I have the upmost amour of respect and admiration for him and for all he has been through, he fully deserves the award!”

– “Daniel has clearly endured a significant amount of misfortune and hardship in his own personal life. Despite this, and effectively from the streets, he has been fighting a highly visible campaign to highlight the issues faced by homeless LGBT people in Brighton and to bring about meaningful change. This has included collating statistics highlighting the seemingly less favourable treatment of LGBT applicants for homelessness assistance from Brighton City Council and lobbying the Council for change. Most people who have experienced the misfortune that Daniel has in his life would just give up. Daniel has chosen instead to fight and in doing so is a positive role model for our community and is well deserving of an award – which I have no doubt that he would use to further his campaign for justice.”

– “Amazing man who has been through a lot and has come out fighting and shown others that strength and determination can get you through anything . “

“He is doing something he believe in and a credit to others carry on with g he good work Daniel x “

– “i find Daniel’s quest for dignity, in the face of ingrained resistance from very inadequately funded public services, resulting in providing a very poor service, quite inspiring. i send him all my best wishes and a deserved success with his campaigning. i hope his campaign will inspire other people, both in Brighton and the rest of the country, who experience similar treatment from public services, to join forces to challenge the appallingly oppressive and person devaluing political ideology, we are all currently subjected to. “

– “I’ve come across Daniel at LGBT Community Safety Forum meetings in Brighton and on various internet forums. He is a tireless campaigner and a voice for vulnerable young LGBT people in the city. He has been particularly effective challenging the city council’s appalling lack of emergency housing provision. He fully deserves to receive this award. “

– “He’s has tirelessly and fearlessly championed the marginalisation of LGBT etc people in housing and homelessness, which is a major issue for many.”

– “Reading Daniel Harris’s story is inspirational.I believe he deserves this award for all his positivity and energy he is investing in others. It is incredibly hard to deal with trauma but he has managed to turn it into something positive and motivational for himself. I believe this will not only benefit him but all who he shines upon.. My name is Alexandra my mother comes from a abusive background and I believe we need to encourage, support and love people who are prepared to help themselves in life x “

– “Because he is an inspiration truthful and cares for everyone xxx”

– “Careless campaigner for justice when all others would just walk on by”

– “Daniels spirit and determination to better himself and his community is truly commendable and I wish you all the best.”

– “Daniel’s work on uncovering the corruption and unscrupulous dealings of private landlords in the emergency housing sector has been amazing, and his whole life story and the way he’s campaigned for other people to have a better chance in life is just so inspiring.”

What can I say other than WOW and Thank YOU so much!!! 🙂


Image of Collapsed Roof

26 Year Old Care leaver and Family Living in Fear

A young couple under the age of 26 narrowly misses the collapse of a ceiling whilst staying in Emergency Accommodation In Brighton & Hove, just two weeks prior the couple Jamie and Sandra reported their concerns to Brighton and Hove City Council, who did nothing. Check out my full story!


A few weeks ago two council staff attended Percival Terrace for ‘routine inspections’ (they have only been routine since I started my campaign). A young couple in the Emergency Accomodation who have a baby reported problems with the roof, I took counter notes against what was recorded by the council officers and took images which you can see below.

What Did The Young Family Report To The Council

Just four months ago Jamie and Sandra welcomed their daughter, these are supposed to be exciting times, yet they live in fear of their families safety. I talked to Jamie and asked him what its like for him and his family to be living in Emergency Accommodation.

Jamie said “There have been incidents since we moved in, first a guy committed suicide, then there was a guy in the hallway crazy on the legal high ‘spice’ I heard someone got stabbed, then just a few weeks back their was a guy who broke into someone else’s room and was caught Masterbating, we shouldn’t be bringing up a kid in this environment”.

Later on in conversation Jamie’s was telling me how he has been living in these types of places since he left care, around six years.

I am disgusted that this young family are having to live like this, what hope do they have surviving as a family in these conditions, they are cramped, the toilet is broken, walls are falling apart, the stress and pressure they all must be feeling doesn’t bare thinking about.

The Housing Act states that Children in care are in priority need and should be given preference on the housing allocations policy, I would like to challenge why Brighton and Hove City Council have allowed a care leaver to be in this position, Jamie tells me he had over 50 foster parents as a child, this Adult who has a history if depression and anxiety needs a secure home not to live in what feels like another care home.

I will be writing to the Head of Children’s Services myself to ensure his case is assessed as this young family and all families should not be living in emergency accommodation. They are also worried about;

  • The roof Caving in on them
  • Hot Water Problems
  • Inadequate facilities and space for their baby
  • Problems with the Windows
  • The Electrics
  • Toilet problems


On Saturday 28th May the Ceiling Collapsed

As reported on Sunday I was given a tip off with regards to Pigeons in the water tank located in the attic. I have been informed that the reason the ceiling collapsed was because they found a dead Pigeon in the water tank, which blocked the overflow, this was the result.

The Result of the Ceiling Collapse Room 47 Percival Terrace

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What The Rooms Directly Above In Room 56 Looked Like

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The Images of Room 58 Following the Collapse

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How Do Residents Feel?

Residents do not feel safe in these places anymore, we have tried to reason with the council and I myself emailed the Head Of Temporary Allocations and Emergency Housing on Friday 27th with my concern and within 1 day this happened.

What Did I Report In My Email

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 14.50.58

What Can We Do To Hold The Council And Landlords To Account

Emergency and Temporary Housing Residents Action Group Logo
Join Our Residents Action Group Today

If you are a resident in Brighton and Hove Living In Emergency or Temporary Accommodation, on the 8th June at 7pm, we are holding a residents meeting, during this meeting we will be setting up a residents association. Come alone to the Friends Meeting House, you can RSVP here.

Journalists and Researchers

If you want more information on this or other events please contact me.

Join Our Campaign Called Homes To Live In Not To Live Off

Home to live in, not to live off campaign Logo
Join Our Campaign Today

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Brighton and Hove City Councils Civil Servant Salaries Revealed

Following my recent post in which I exposed the scandal that is the state of corruption at Brighton and Hove City Council I have fucking decided to reveal the salaries of the senior Civil Servants.

Whilst you have vulnerable people in the cattle market that is Emergency Housing in the city, people like myself are having their rooms cancelled daily and sent back into the system and often moved to other emergency housing properties.

Listen each accept of a new resident means a bonus for lease holders (limited companies) and this process is costing the tax payers so much money in bureaucratic red tape. This is being covered up, contracts will not be revealed in FOI requests because of ‘commercial’ competition reasons.

When did this all become about money aye? oh when they started procuring this out to limited companies who put profit before people.

I am fed up with these well paid civil servants lying to the public and it has to stop, they are not elected which makes it even worse and they are running rings around our cities councillors, who are elected and need to stand up for us, the electorate.

Civil Servant Salaries these Spreadsheet
Civil Servant Salaries these

Download the PDF by BrightonCityCouncilSalaries

After one spoke to me like I was a piece of dirt a few weeks ago and refused to keep me safe I am fighting back, because the local press will not expose this wrongdoing.

I am sure these Civil Servants can afford the £1700pcm for a 2 bedroom apartment currently being advertised on Rightmove for the ex Council Owned Offices, redeveloped into luxury apartments. Priory House was sold for 4.5 million pounds. Check out the property now.