UK: EDL ‘Gays against Sharia’ march Vs Brighton and Hove’s Anti May DUP Coalition

Tommy Robinson ex EDL organised event in Manchester.


The Left in Brighton and Hove Organise there own protest against the Theresa May DUP coalition of chaos.

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Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Pledges to Suspend The Right To Buy

As a housing campaigner and formally homeless resident living in emergency accomodation and now living in temporary accomodation I can confirm Jeremy Corbyn’s Housing Manifesto plan will transform Britain and provide a Secure and Affordable Home for All.

Suspending the Right to Buy

First introduced by the tories in the 1980’s the Right to Buy Policy which has now been scrapped in Scotland and Wales, although provided the opportunity for the working class to own there own council homes, has been a grossly unfair policy which has also been raided by tory bad landlords.

The manifesto states: 

More council homes have been sold off under the Conservatives and only one in five have been replaced, despite long housing waiting lists. Labour will suspend the right-to-buy policy to protect affordable homes for local people, with councils only able to resume sales if they can prove they have a plan to replace homes sold like-for-like.

Taking the lead where Brighton and Hove City Council seem to have failed in recent years, Labour are promising to reverse the rip off privatisation which is costing all tax payers and bringing back in-house council housing only rewarding local authorities who build like for like.

Council House Building is BACK

It’s no secret I am a fan of council housing, having been raised in a council house which was then subsequently taken away from my family in 1994, I am fully aware how a secure home can help families prosper.

The Tories have demolished estates and built luxory accomodation, forcing locals to move sometimes over 100 miles away from friends and family.

Broken Dreams Brighton and Hove City Council Housing Waiting List
Brighton and Hove City Council send in the bulldozers to demolish 10,000 locals from the council’s housing waiting list

Just last week a local from Whitehawk in Brighton and Hove wrote to me telling me that when her mother died of cancer last year, the day before the funeral Brighton and Hove City Council hand delivered a notice of eviction from the family home they had lived in for 25 years.

I was disgusted to hear that this council had lost all compassion, and I see this on a regular basis when they reward tax evading limited companies over real locals who were born and raised in the area.

The manifesto states: 

Under the Conservatives, affordable housebuilding has fallen to a 24-year low. Labour will build the genuinely affordable homes to rent and buy that the country needs.

We will remove government restrictions that stop councils building homes and begin the biggest council building programme for at least 30 years.

We will ditch the Conservatives’ ban on long-term council tenancies to give council tenants security in their homes. We want more people to have a secure tenancy in a home built to high standards.

Thats 500,000 new council homes, build by locals for locals and a further 500,000 truly affordable homes for those who are in work and being bit by high rents from bad landlords.



With 2000 children living in Temporary Accommodation in Brighton and Hove last Christmas, and over 120,000 families nationally labour have pledged to tackle this countries homelessness and housing crisis once and for all.

20160528_131927_resizedThe manifesto states:

Homelessness is not inevitable in a country as decent and well off as ours. However, since 2010 the number of people sleeping rough in shop doorways and on park benches has more than doubled. This shames us all. There can be no excuses – it must end. Full stop.

Labour will set out a new national plan to end rough sleeping within the next Parliament, starting by making available 4,000 additional homes reserved for people with a history of rough sleeping. We will also take action to tackle the root causes of homelessness, including safeguarding homeless hostels and other supported housing from crude Conservative cuts to housing benefit.

With a council locally who enforces Tory policies of hate and targeted at the most vulnerable minority groups, a Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party will take the lead nationally and help the homeless not criminalise them.

Private Renters

Labour will end insecurity for private renters by introducing controls on rent rises, more secure tenancies, landlord licensing and new consumer rights for renters.

Labour say:

Soaring rents are a real problem and leading to more families living in temporary accommodation, more people sleeping rough, and many not having enough money to save up for a deposit or for a rainy day.

Labour will make new three-year tenancies the norm, with an inflation cap on rent rises. Given the particular pressures in London we will look at giving the Mayor the power to give renters in London additional security. We will legislate to ban letting agency fees for tenants.

Labour will also empower tenants to call time on bad landlords by giving renters new consumer rights. Renters are spending £9.6 billion a year on homes that the government classes as ‘non-decent’. Around a Quarter of this is paid by housing benefit. A Labour government would introduce new legal minimum standards to ensure properties are ‘fit for human habitation’ and empower tenants to take action if their rented homes are sub-standard.

Finally reversing Tory Policies that hit the vulnerable and young

Labour have promised to scrap the Bedroom Tax and Reverse the cruel decision to abolish housing benefit for 18 to 21- year-olds, which risks putting even more vulnerable young people on our streets.

Let me know what you think about these housing polices, will these policies make a difference to your lives?

Are you one of the 10,000 people who have recently been taken off the council housing waiting list?

If so let me know your thoughts and as always please share.




Hove CLP Labour AGM 2017 Candidates

We’re Standing For Corbyn: At The Hove and Portslade Labour CLP IGM

Hi Readers,

It has been over 200 days since the last Labour AGM took place in Brighton and Hove, I can confirm I have decided to again stand as an elected ordinary member, after being elected last year and having the results annulled I am keen to get to work and help to strengthen Labour in Hove.

Those butterflies I got last year have returned with the election set to be just as special as the last, those minutes standing there waiting for the count results are nail biting.

Whoever you decide to choose, I want to wish all the candidates the best of luck and in the spirit of future unity within Brighton and Hove Labour, lets conduct ourselves in a comradely manner.

See you Sunday,

Daniel Harris

Date, Time and Venue

Date and time: Sunday 5th February 11am please arrive at 10.30 for registration.
VenueRalli Hall 81 Denmark Villas, Hove BN3 3TH
IMPORTANT: Please arrive promptly for registration; the meeting will begin at 11am. Please bring one form of ID with you for registration purposes (a bank card, drivers licence or membership card will suffice).

Meet The Corbyn Supporting Candidates For Hove and Portslade

Hove CLP Labour AGM 2017 Candidates
Here’s who will be standing for Corbyn:

Profiles for Candidates will be uploaded later. Check back

Anne Pissaridou for Chair

Anne says:

“I am asking for you to elect me Chair of the Hove and Portslade CLP. At a critical time in our country and for our party, I will bring experience and dedication to the role.

My values

I have been a member of the Labour Party for most of my adult life. I passionately believe in a united Labour movement ready to tackle harsh, unfair and backwards-looking Tory policies and in particular to fight against the continued focus on austerity which is ineffective economically and profoundly damaging to the vulnerable members of our society.

Together we must resolutely challenge rising discrimination and inequality and together we must protect the NHS from privatisation. I have always supported our democratically elected leader and am proud to support Jeremy Corbyn.

I am a passionate and consummate campaigner and have led or been involved with every campaign in the city since I came here over 10 years ago.

Relevant Experience/skills

  • I am Portslade branch secretary having served on the exec in various roles for over 10 years
  • I was involved in the creation of the Brighton, Hove and District Labour Party and served on the Executive Committee on two occasions. In July 2016, I was elected, by an overwhelming majority, as Vice Chair Campaigns of the City Party.
  • I was the Labour spokesperson for Children and Young people and even though Labour was the third party I believe that I helped to influence local education policy.
  • I served on the Executive Committee of H&P CLP as secretary, and then on the exec of BHDLP. I was encouraged by two local members to put myself forward as a local authority candidate for the election in 2011. With a great team and a clear strategy, I won the seat, unseating a Tory against the odds.
  • I have chaired various committees, in my working life (civil service), union rep and local Councillor.
  • I have chaired committees and employment appeal panels on BHCC
  • As women’s officer, I set up the local womens forum
  • I have used my legal training to familiarise myself with the rules and regulations of the party — it is important that the chair knows the rules and how to apply them without prejudice.

My pledge to you

I do not believe in secret backroom deals, I believe that it is important that we are open fair and transparent as an Executive committee, and I will ensure that this is embedded in all our actions. I am acutely aware of the divisions, locally, in our party and will work towards reconciliation. If I am elected I will ensure that everyone has a chance to express their views in a comradely supportive way.

We need to make sure that Labour is at the heart of the community and I want to play my part in spearheading exciting and successful campaigns that ensure we elect a Labour government and have a council with the majority it needs to put our principles into practice.

Throughout my life I have demonstrated a keen work ethic and tackle everything I do diligently and to the best of my ability, even when this involved juggling full time work, family responsibilities and political work. This has required an ability to prioritise and focus as well as an understanding of teamwork. These skills I believe will make me an ideal chair.

James Ellis for Secretary

Kate Knight for Vice Chair (Membership

Georgio Finella for Vice Chair (Campaigns)

Becky Massey for Treasurer

Danielle Spencer for Women’s Officer

Daniel Harris Ordinary Member

Asa Jansson Ordinary Member

Riad El-Taher Ordinary Member

Anne Mitchell Ordinary Member

Pauline O’Connor Auditor

Ben Armstrong Auditor

Jeremy Corbyn Brighton and Hove Image

Why Voting For Jeremy Corbyn Will Change My Life.

I first became aware of Jeremy Corbyn last summer, I was at the height of my drug addiction, I was working and was in the middle of a nervous breakdown. I remember I was staying with some friends who were good enough to put me up during such a traumatic, painful and lonely time.

I Saw This Speech

My addiction was not a choice, I was raised in Whitehawk, one of the most deprived areas of the country, yet a place which I remember fondly because I felt safe because we had a community, the only ones who failed us the community was poor governement.

I was raised in a council house, my mother raised us and my dad worked when he could, we couldn’t afford the private rents they have today, yes I had a breakdown, but I was in many ways lucky to have had much of the upbringing I had.

When I got clean, which was in some part because Jeremy’s Message echoed my thought, I was fed up with seeing people dying of war, I was tired of always being skint, I was tired of my life, so I joined the Labour Party.

How Have I Found It?

After I became homeless and finally diagnosed with Bipolar and PTSD, I started attending meetings, I found them to be quite interesting, I’ve never spoken before in front of people, but felt a huge urge to get up and educate people on what it is really like to become homeless, living in substandard accommodation and fighting daily to get will again and stay off drugs.


Some of the social media groups locally can be hostile, but i’ve found members in person to be nice, i’ve many some amazing new friends and no longer hang in the same circles as before.

After launching my own campaign to highlight the real Homeless Hotels From Hell, I decided to set up a residents association for those living in Emergency and Temporary Accommodation, which is a first I am told and even succeeded in putting Emergency Accommodation back on the political agenda with some potential great changes, proposed by myself and signed by over 1600 people in a petition.

I have helped in my ward and volunteered to help get  a friend elected as councillor.

I’ve met and in fact spoken at an event with Jeremy and John in the audience, I felt like for the first time ever I was being listened to.

I Got Elected On To The Executive Committee

I have always spoken from the heart and have found that when I do speak people seem to react really positively, for someone like me who has often doubted themselves from things of the past, I was energised to stand as a lay member on the infamous EC.

I got elected and the rest is well, complicated…..

Nonetheless I’ve since on a few occasions met Jeremy at events and canvassing, you really can get the measure of someone by meeting their families, I found Jeremy’s wife to be adorable and caring, you can see the love and fear and his son’s, they we’re also pleasant.

Kind of like the family I never had, but I have realised that, now I am apart of a new family, one, I feel accepted, empowered and reformed, my vote and your votes are for people like me, people who are needing a little investment to transform ourselves and in return we help others.

And The Future….?

It starts on the 24th September, in Liverpool the home of the exonerated, a city of dreams.

If you are still undecided don’t let the mainstream media cloud your judgement, I am not letting it cloud mine, and it will be Jeremy Corbyn I put my cross next too.

He is promising 500,000 Council homes, something I desperately need, the mental health polices and nationalisation, means my life and our lives will improve.

The futures bright.


Jeremy Corbyn In Brighton Rally Image Poppy Burt

My Day With Jeremy Corbyn. In Brighton and Hove.

Jeremy Corbyn Arrives in Brighton and Hove with an important Announcement

I was expecting a speech at the Train station on the state of the railways in the UK and in particular Southen Rail, with a five day strike starting next monday, instead Jeremy who has just travelled from Leeds to Brighton via train, greeted a few journalists and well wishers and headed out canvassing.

Jeremy Door Knocking with East Brighton By-Election Candidate Lloyd Russell-Moyle

I had been aware I was canvassing with Lloyd, Jeremy and many others for his by-election, this was close to where Lloyd lives in Kemptown, which enabled maximum efficiency, personally I disagreed with this decision, I felt that as someone who was raised in Whitehawk, that Jeremy should meet those often neglected locals.

Jeremy arrived at the St Georges Inn, greeted everyone personally with his wife Laura, Lloyd was explaining his policies and plans should he get elected, I discussed with Jeremy Whitehawk and explained the community spirit and lack of secondary school, which Lloyd has pledged to change.

On the way out the staff wanted a picture, so I did this rare and cheeky video, which really does show the nature of Jeremy and how relaxed he is around like minded people. “Free Beer For The Workers, Jeremy declares, of course he is tee total himself.

The Peoples Rally! One Month After Brighton and Hove District Labour Party Suspended.

I was welcomed to the rally by 1200 supporters inside and 500 outside, the event was exciting, positive and fun, smiles all around and a great atmosphere. Poppy Burt a single mother and activist spoke first, the wind and weather was not great, Poppy was going to cut her speech short before Jeremy insisted she finished what she had started, another testament of how he likes to listen.

Then Jeremy arrived.

There have been some misquoted stuff in the press:

This Rally was organised by Jeremy for Labour Campaign not Momentum.

There were Three Councillors in the Room, not Two

Social Media Responses

The full Speech and some small messages from Jeremy.

My Final Thoughts…

Its time that we unite to fight for those who are vulnerable, put political infighting away in a cupboard and throw away the key, listen like Jeremy does and reach out rather than retreat. New members are not a cult, we are normal people and you cannot use the excuse that the same old people are at these events, as a new member from Nov 2015, I represent real peoples issues not political tactics.


Jeremy Corbyn Brighton and Hove Image

Jeremy’s Coming To Brighton and Hove…..Again!

Never a stranger to Brighton and Hove, it seems like Jeremy Corbyn is always in town with the Brighton Centre holding so many events, I last saw Jeremy at the Remain Campaign here, where he spoke at a conference. We have him a nice welcome then!

Jeremy Corbyn Brighton and Hove Image
Jeremy Corbyn in Brighton and Hove a few months ago for a PCS Conference.

The Jeremy For Labour rally has a special significance with Brighton and Hove DLP currently being suspended after Pro-Corbyn candidates won in the recent EC elections.

We are not allowed a vote like other CLP’s on who we support locally for leader of Labour, which is a shame, but we can show the momentous support Jeremy has in the city by coming out in force for the rally Next Tuesday 2nd August at 7pm.

Jeremy’s team have booked a room big enough for 1000 people at the Hilton Metropole, located on the seafront in Brighton.

For details on the Event and to confirm you are going, please see the Facebook event.

Confirmed Speakers:

Jeremy Corbyn MP

Theresa Woods (ASLEF)

Cllr Kevin Allen – Labour Councillor Preston Park

Sam Tarry (TSSA)

Poppy Burt – LGBT, Student, Single Mother.

Libby Barnes – Momentum Organiser

What to Bring

Bring Pro Corbyn Banners, there will be T-Shirts on stalls as you enter which you can purchase.

Follow me on Facebook.

A Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn, More Scandal, Cuts and Lack of Action by Brighton and Hove City Council and my eviction.

Scandal No 1

No fresh water will be provided in Bartholomew House the Brighton and Hove City Council housing offices due to cuts

An Image of a bin with no water machine
This is where the water machine was at Bartholomew House, Brighton and Hove City Council Housing Offices

So I had to drag myself down to the housing office today, I went to get a glass of water from the machine and hey presto its gone, I asked the staff and they said they were taken away due to cost. How much does it cost to give a glass of water?

I’ve already shown you all the wastage in housing, maybe they should get rid of the incompetent staff members like Andy who was rude to me today and made negative remark after negative remark like “I cant to this” “I cant to that” So I tuned around and said rather than tell me what you cant do.

When will they realise that they are the worst council for housing in the country the negativity feeds into my illness, why cant they simple be positive and tell me what you can do. Andy said all he could do was contact my housing options advisor remember this is the same person who failed to prevent my homelessness back in December she said I wasn’t eligible for emergency housing back in Jan, a senior officer overturned this decision.

If Andy calls that customer service then I am sorry but that was possibly one of the worst experiences i’ve had at the council. I’ve managed customer service teams myself in the past, if one of my staff spoke to a customer  like the way Andy spoke to me then I would be giving that member of staff a verbal warning and personal development plan to improve his customer service skills, no improvement then its P45.

Scandal No 2

Service Charges are crippling many in emergency housing, I am currently on Employment Support Allowance, I get £75 a week to live on, out of this I am expected to pay the private limited company Helgor Trading Limited (who make millions from housing benefit) £50 a month, if you don’t pay you are out.

Here is a letter I got yesterday from Helgor Trading Limited.

A image of a letter about service charge arrears
This is where the water machine was at Bartholomew House, Brighton and Hove City Council Housing Offices

Here is a video of the state of the windows here at Percival Terrace

This water is dripping right down the main supporting wall – we have no laundry facilities and am not allowed any visitors. I know why so people don’t see the state of disrepair this building is in.

As Stated in the Letter this £55 MUST BE CLEARED IN FULL or I am on the streets again homeless, like the other 31% of applicants.

So its pay this starve and lose my personal belongings, or pay my storage fees for my personal belongings and have nowhere to keep them.

Basically I am in a catch22 situation and they know it, I am being discriminated against but I am not going down without a fight.

A Building Control Surveyor today sent this email to the owners of the building I am in.

A Letter About Poor State of Repair
So the Council acknowledge disrepair but do nothing about it, the ownership is on the company. Why am I facing eviction but they get away with it?

The Solution to all this is simple

Get me out of this stupid welfare trap designed to line the pockets of the slum landlords and leave us the vulnerable and homeless with nothing and no reason to live. In this building Four people have sadly committed suicide since last November , do you understand why now?

An Open Letter to the Rt. Honourable Jeremy Corbyn

Dear Jeremy Corbyn,

As the leader of the opposition, A man of ethics, principles and someone who is vocal about housing, I would like to know why I am being evicted from accommodation which I have said is unsuitable from the word go.

Why am I the one facing street homelessness again when I was the person brave enough to stand up against these unethical money grabbing companies who are raking in 10 billion a year from housing benefit money?

I would like to also know what the PM David Cameron has to say about this because as detailed above, four people have died in this one building alone since last November.

Not one to just plea, I also have a policy suggestion for the future, one that stops this legal fraud against the state and provides a secure future for the vulnerable and homeless.

I’ve worked out that by moving me from emergency housing to social housing there would be a saving of £600 a month from housing benefit. Thats £7200 a year for just one person.

There are 374 places I think ,probably more in the city of Brighton and Hove, thats £2.7 million saved in a year, So if we calculated this across the country I think labour have a new policy.

By firstly exposing the wastage and secondly building social housing and increasing the health and wellbeing of the vulnerable and homeless.

Its an investment policy not reactive like many current conservative government fiascos, Jeremy these are the sort of polices we need do be adopting as a nation, its the right time to seize on this with the Panama Papers.

Most importantly It would also save lives!!

If this extended to temporary housing then the savings in 10 years could go for example toward providing a non-privatised NHS, which is wastage in itself.

Many thanks

Daniel Harris

Soon to be evicted for providing a public service to the city of Brighton and Hove and the country as a whole.

Keep signing my petition and help me change this system forever, as always comment below and share with friends to highlight this scandal which is a national scandal. I will be emailing this to the local and national press and to Jeremy Corbyns office tonight.

Scandal No 3

I will lose my personal belongings which are in storage with Bishops Move Brighton.

When I was finally given a roof over my head on the 28th January 2016, I signed the licence agreement which essentially means I have an element of protection from future eviction and homelessness.

As many of you may have seen I posted Images from the room they provided me at percival terrace, when I arrived it was after 4pm and the worker at the hostel took me to the room, here are the images I took.


After being told my stuff is not safe and seeing for myself a door kicked in at the hostel I went into a manic state, I lost control and didn’t know what to do. The council offices were closed, I was alone, a friend reacted and hired a van (which I payed for) and found the first place that would have storage space available, called Ease the Squeeze. At a cost of £81 per month I took it at any cost to keep my stuff safe.

Four days later after I set up the Homeless Hotels From Hell Petition, I was moved from room 24 to Room 50 – If that is not a sign of wrongdoing I don’t know what is.

Yesterday I got this letter giving notice from Ease the Squeeze

The Shelter Charity and Legal Advice States that:

Storage for personal belongings

If you are homeless and apply to the council for help, the council has to protect your personal belongings and furniture if it has a duty to provide you with accommodation.

Your belongings when you are made homeless

If you have asked the council for help because you are homeless, you may not be able to take your furniture and belongings with you to any temporary housing the council provides.

This is because the accommodation provided might already be furnished or too small to store all your belongings.

When your personal property has to be protected

The council has duties to protect the personal property of homeless applicants when it is at risk of damage or loss and you can’t protect or deal with it yourself. For example, you may not be able to afford to arrange removals or storage.

This duty applies from the point you make an application as homeless and the council believes you may be eligible for help.

The duty applies to your property and the property of anyone else included in your application. Property includes personal belongings and furniture. It does not include equipment used for business purposes.

How the council must protect your belongings

The council has to do what is reasonable to prevent loss or damage to your propertyThe council can:

  • gain entry to a property to recover your belongings
  • arrange removals
  • arrange storage

Charges for the protection of your personal property

Most councils charge for the protection of property. Charges may be waived by some councils for people who claim benefits or have a low income.

Why are Brighton and Hove City Council Refusing – They say because I arranged for the storage on my own back. They failed to give me advice that what the housing options were set up to do, I have complained and – refused to help me, hiding behind legislation. I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Bipolar Disorder, surely they should have supported me.

Great News Though I have got an Adult Social Worker to help support me going forward, nevertheless, why are these Council Officers allowed to get away with this, they aren’t elected and clearly do not answer to our cities councillors