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I was the second born child to two parents who were previous care leavers, we lived in a small council house in the Moulsecoomb estate in Brighton and Hove one, one of the UK’s most deprived areas in the early 1980’s.

My mother was a homemaker and went on to have four other siblings, my father was a general labourer in and out of regular work, as many were back then.

You wont find many pictures of me from when I was little because most of these have been lost and destroyed when the council took away my family council home in 1994. It is almost like that life never existed, at least not if you are looking for reminders.

What memories I do hold from my upbringing are those of struggle, neglect and trauma, most of this derives from being groomed and sexually abused over a period lasting a few years. I missed loads of time from school and remember sleeping on sofas and living in homeless hostels, my childhood wasn’t amazing!

In this clip I was recently discussing Mental Health and Kids in Care on the BBC Victoria Derbyshire Show.

This blog represents all the struggles I have endured in my life, from growing up in Brighton and Hove in the 80’s and 90’s to transitioning into adulthood and developing personally.

I want to use my experiences as a way of helping others, if you are a parent you need to know what signs to look out for. Previous care leavers face many challenges in  life, care leavers are from all walks of life and have their own stories, I will provide insight into this life and share with you resources and places you can go to find help and support.

I use my own experiences to educate others

Here is was earlier this summer speaking to Latest TV about my experiences and the state of emergency accommodation in Brighton and Hove, I had a few wise words for Brighton and Hove City Council.

Then a few weeks later I went onto BBC Victoria Derbyshire to give my opinion on the homelessness prevention bill, which looks set to force councils to accept a duty of care for all who present as homeless to them.

Living With Homelessness

Labour Party Brighton & Hove

Having been elected as a lay member in July 2016, this was annulled 24 hours later, I am an activist and labour member who fully supporters the democratic leader, Jeremy Corbyn, I believe it was for this reason the results were annulled.

I contributed to two documentaries last summer on the Labour Leadership, filmed and focusing on the Spilt In Brighton and Hove, buckle up.

BBC Panorama – Labour Is the Party Over? 2016

Sky News – The Battle For Labour

I am a socialist and stand by my values, I believe we need better communities, more council housing, we need to reform the Care System and Mental Health and work to helping people achieve happiness and wellbeing.

If you want to contact me for an interview, speaking engagements then feel free to email me at daniel@survivorblog.co.uk 

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